Press Release

Well known and long-established telecoms supplier UPSHOT UK LIMITED is revolutionising the environmental impact of temporary and permanent masts worldwide; with its reusable and trackable MODULAR MAST SYSTEMS™. (

Providing significant improvements in environmental performance, integration, usability and reliability; the system offers unheard-of payload growth and mast reconfiguration. This and the manufacture of re-usable patented ‘off-the-shelf’ modules radically alters the legacy model of replacing entire masts to accommodate new arrays thus turning their lifespan from years to decades.

The Modular Mast System comprises two system sizes, the smaller Temporary system and the larger Permanent one. The former is fully climbable, and the latter can incorporate our secure internal staircase modules; so the maintenance & upgrade footprint is drastically reduced. Whether for telecoms, broadcasting, defence or other uses, Upshot’s Modular Mast Systems™ products provide a seismic opportunity for corporations and governments to transparently demonstrate genuine and meaningful reductions in their carbon and sustainability goals. And set new ones not thought previously possible.

The GSMA Better Future Sustainability Assessment Framework 2021 ( predicts that the mobile industry contribution to GDP in 2025 will be $4.8tn and employ directly and indirectly well over 25m people to serve 5.7bn users. Interestingly, they also reported that of all the ‘Material Issues’ driving the industry, Climate Impact topped the list at 57%. Some of our leading mobile operator clients are already saying that our patent protected Modular Mast Systems™ are bringing renewed optimism and an opportunity to offset the tougher pace of change in renewable energies in low and middle-income countries, with the potentially more rapid opportunity to meet carbon neutral targets using our solutions. (See

Although Upshot has only launched the products to market recently, uptake is strong and the first successful installation of a 30m mast in Slough, UK went without a single hitch. Their first Modular Mast Systems™ telecoms operator customer is already developing an exciting strategic plan to incorporate the modular temporary and permanent systems at scale for their 5G roll outs and replacement programmes and other major long-standing Upshot customers around the world (that they have worked with for decades with their imaging/ surveying services and CCTV products) are actively engaging in cost benefit analysis surveys with promising initial results.

The business case for sustainability is driven by profit, lower operating costs and greater efficiencies, enhanced reputation, improved sales, greater productivity, improved recruitment and talent retention, safer and more easily delegated employment opportunity, improved risk management and evolving innovation. Upshot’s game-changing Modular Mast Systems™ solutions tick every single one of those. No wonder it is raising eyebrows throughout the industry, both with those that genuinely care about the future of the planet and those that want to but need to justify it commercially.