Press Release

Well known and long-established telecoms supplier UPSHOT UK LIMITED have just launched a game-changing mast system under the branding of MODULAR MAST SYSTEMS™. (

The clean sheet design started by compiling the needs of the industry and headlining environmental responsibility. The result is a modular mast system offering temporary or permanent mast solutions over a vast range of sizes and requirements. In sustainability terms, the system offers unheard-of payload growth and mast reconfiguration. Manufacture of re-usable modules means volume production prices, allowing the masts to achieve unrivalled price performance targets and resale value.

The Modular Mast System comprises two system sizes, the smaller Temporary system and the larger Permanent one. Each system has special attributes for their specific duties, further enhancing commercial choice. The temporary system is light, handleable and can be carried through doors or over rough terrain. The Permanent system connects just as much sideways as it does upwards, offering limitless structural design solutions, stretching far beyond the mast duties that conceived it.

Where safety is concerned, again every effort has been put into making the Modular Mast System the new benchmark in mast design. The climbable temporary system is RFID tagged. On assembly all bolt torques are recorded. In short, site engineers leave a newly completed install with full traceability. The permanent system can be supplied with an internal stair, with recovery evac possible at every 2m level.

Upshot’s own design software evaluates mast design requirements in minutes. The build-up of fully equipped sub-assemblies can begin at the warehouse immediately, transporting to site checked and ready to install. The many base options available also provide rapid solutions for new or replacement sites.
Upshot’s Managing Director James Pickance (with his decades of experience in large scale network roll outs) says the decision to develop this system was a response to listening to the ‘same old headaches year in and year out from both sides of the fence and wanting to solve them once and for all’.

Given the company’s pedigree, it is well placed to do exactly that.
Upshot is based in London & Hampshire but offers demo visits to its Derbyshire factory for interested parties.