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Groupdolists, the leading crisis management platform innovator, is pleased to announce the release of Groupdolists 2.0, a significantly simplified user interface and experience. Incident leaders and crisis response teams can now access the new Groupdolists Dashboard during a disruption to instantly understand what’s happening, what tasks need completion, and what activities or information need attention.

“This release is significant, and we can’t wait to start using it”, said Ed Shubert, Senior Director, Global Security for McKesson Corporation. “The Groupdolists experience has been intuitive from the beginning, but now they have made it so simple that infrequent users can easily be invited to participate during an incident and clearly and intuitively know exactly where to go, what to do and how to do it.”

“Customer, prospect, and market feedback has always been the driving force behind how we prioritize improving our platform and lead the crisis management market,” says Michael J. Sher, Groupdolists Founder & CEO. “We continue to innovate and pride ourselves on streamlining better, faster, more intuitive experiences because every minute matters during unexpected disruptions. Organizations are using Groupdolists during tabletop exercises and in real-life situations when coordinating their teams in response to cyberattacks, data breaches, workplace violence, power outages, natural disasters, inclement weather, or other disruptions that threaten the safety and security of employees, assets, brands, supply chains, and reputations.”

“As Chair of the Groupdolists Security Advisory Council, I am thrilled to see the innovation and improvements in the streamlined 2.0 experience,” said Ty Richmond, President, Risk Advisory & Consulting Services and International for Allied Universal. “The market desperately needs a crisis response tool like Groupdolists to help organizations move from often a paper-centric, manual world into the digital, automated age. Being able to access any standard or emergency operating procedure from any device and instantly bring disparate response teams onto the same page is huge for the industry,” Richmond said.

A short video trailer of the redesigned platform is available for viewing.

About Groupdolists
Groupdolists helps organizations instantly take control of any unexpected disruption (workplace violence, data breach, power outage, etc.) by simultaneously activating response plans, mobilizing response teams, assigning and tracking tasks, and providing real-time visibility into all activity. Groupdolists’ real-time chat and tap-to-talk conference calls help eliminate risk faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Groupdolists was founded by the co-founder of Send Word Now, which began after 9/11 as a pioneering mass notification service, acquired by Veritas in 2017. The core Groupdolists management team is joined by a remarkable Security Advisory Council, all with backgrounds from within the highest ranks of highly respected organizations such as Microsoft, Sony, Northrop Grumman, Johnson & Johnson, Allied Universal and key United States government agencies including FBI, US Secret Service, Department of Transportation among others.

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