Press Release

Vanu, Inc., a provider of equipment, tools and services that enable mobile network operators to profit by serving off-grid communities, today announced that it has launched its Vanu Partner Program and finalized agreements with two Rwandan companies, HUI and Annos, to install and maintain hundreds of solar-powered network base stations that will enable previously uncovered users access to the limitless potential that cellular network connectivity provides.

Working locally with deployment partners at HUI and Annos, Vanu will deploy base stations in strategically-located sites across Rwanda. Vanu’s systems are specifically designed to be deployed and operated jointly with local partners in remote locations, using solar power to avoid the high costs and inconvenience of diesel-powered generators. These systems are easy and low cost to install, commission and maintain, and include a suite of services that can provide a turnkey solution from commercial feasibility and network design through operations, maintenance and support.

“Vanu’s technology is cost-effective, rugged, easily deployed and maintained and, most importantly, capable of delivering wireless coverage to the many uncovered communities of Rwanda,” said Canisius Bandora, the CEO of Annos Group LTD. “Vanu’s equipment and its partner-friendly business model is a winning proposition for our company and the entire country.”

The Vanu Partner Program enables local technology providers to access new business opportunities and revenue streams generated by the successful deployment of innovative connectivity solutions across previously uncovered off-grid areas. By partnering with local companies, such as HUI and Annos, Vanu is able to efficiently duplicate its entire deployment process across hundreds of planned sites, using trained, local technicians.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate Vanu’s solution in Rwanda and to work with local partners in HUI and Annos to successfully deploy the technology,” said Andrew Beard, CEO of Vanu, Inc. “Connectivity is a vital economic, educational and cultural engine for off-grid communities, which remain an untapped market for operators and partners. Vanu has developed both the technology and deployment model to cover these communities with a cost-effective and easily replicable process.”

Potential deployment partners interested in learning more about the Vanu Partner Program should visit and contact