Press Release

Veea Inc., a leading edge company in smart products and applications, announced today the availability of VeeaHub Smart Store. The VeeaHub Smart Store is a complete hardware and software solution, replacing existing WiFi access points and other on-premise point solutions, through a single convergence device.

The VeeaHub Smart Store is part of a series of edge connecting “smart” hubs which enhance internet connectivity in retail environments while providing a unified hybrid mesh to readily connect all devices and sensors. The VeeaHub Smart Store reduces cabling and operational costs, introduces a wide range of new applications that drive revenue, and renders unparalleled new user experiences while fortifying network security that typically require a dedicated IT team.

This new offering provides small to medium-sized retail merchants the ability to provide a WiFi hotspot for their customers and guests, while deploying solutions that big-box retailers are trying to implement. Additionally, VeeaHub hotspot management system delivers bandwidth management, proximal marketing and digital signage on an advertising platform with analytics and reporting capabilities to help enhance a customer’s in-store experience and even offer a revenue generation opportunity to the merchants.

“Retailers today need multiple boxes to deliver a range of services, from Wi-Fi to internet backup to content streaming and advertising,” said Shan Ethridge, SVP Global Sales for Veea. “The VeeaHub Smart Store now delivers all of these services in one device, seamlessly and cost-effectively.”

Features of the VeeaHub Smart Store include:
o WiFi Hotspot with advertising delivery
o Internet backup, currently providing 4G backhaul (5G ready)
o Best in class mesh technology for scalability
o Bluetooth beacon, IoT connectivity
o Local processing of applications; minimizing Cloud dependence
o Additional in-and-out of store services via the VeeaHub App Store with many more retail applications such as music streaming, zonal PA system, security camera monitoring, private in-store messaging, indoor positioning and others.

“At PayProTec, we are constantly looking for exciting and new technologies to drive added value for our partners and merchants,” said Matt Hoskins, CEO of PayProTec, a leader in payment solutions. “VeeaHub, along with its internet back up and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, creates a better experience for merchants and more opportunities for our partners.”

There are now 11 billion people and devices connected to IoT, growing to 20.4 billion by 2020, which holds great promise to developers seeking a new wave of app development. VeeaHub uses an open-source framework, enabling third party developers to create new and powerful applications for a range of vertical markets.

“Today’s technological advances are all about communication,” added Elie Y. Katz, founder, President & CEO of National Retail Solutions at IDT Corporation. “With an established point of sale network in 7,500+ independent retail stores nationwide, NRS is already forging new frontiers of communication between CPG companies, retailers and their customers. We recognize the value of leveraging leading-edge technologies to attract customers and increase revenue. Adding applications that Veea Systems offers for our customers has the potential to push C-store technology through the glass ceiling,” continued Katz.

For additional information about Veea Smart Store for retail and the suite of edge computing server products, please visit