Press Release

Veego Software, an Israel-based startup that brings artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to perfect the subscriber experience in connected home environments, today announced its partnership with Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies.

Veego addresses malfunctions in the connected home as it grows smarter and more complex. When smart devices and services do not function efficiently, residential users become frustrated and turn to their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for help. Since malfunctions can occur for a myriad of reasons anywhere across the service-delivery chain—from the service cloud through the internet, in the home router, across the WiFi network and within devices and their inter-communications—ISPs require a very broad and deep level of visibility. But today they are blind.

Employing AI and other advanced technologies, Veego autonomously discovers the smart devices and the services they consume within and beyond the home, endowing ISPs with the visibility that enables perfection and personalization of the subscriber experience. Continuously monitoring the behavior of connected devices and the services they use, Veego automatically detects malfunctions as they occur. Employing its unique, cloud-based Malfunction Signature Library, Veego autonomously analyzes and resolves a multitude of problems even before users experience them.

With Veego, many support calls are deflected and shortened, truck rolls are reduced, and the plague of unnecessary router replacements is eliminated. ISPs are able to realize millions of dollars in support-cost savings while Veego’s solution also enables them to optimize and personalize the experience of their subscribers. Vigilantly learning about the unique behavior of each connected home, Veego automatically alerts ISPs to attractive upsell opportunities—new connected devices, support services and bandwidth packages—tuned to the specific needs of each home.

With several lab trials underway with major ISPs, Veego and Amdocs will provide integrated solutions to enhance smart care in the home.

Amdocs, a leading software and services provider to communications and media companies, will adopt the Veego technology to offer combined solutions for customer care and user experience to major internet service providers globally.

“The value that Veego brings to ISPs is game-changing,” said Gil Rosen, General Manager at Amdocs. “Veego gives eyes to ISPs enabling them to see what is going on in the connected home, drastically improving their support of millions of subscribers and reducing OPEX on customer care. We are excited by the opportunity to bring this breakthrough technology to Internet Service Providers around the world.”

“We are honored to attract an industry leader like Amdocs, an investing partner, who can recognize and capitalize on the value of the Veego solution,” declared Amir Kotler, Veego CEO. “Veego technology will enrich Amdocs’ portfolio of products and services, enabling them to offer a unique, game-changing solution to ISPs who service millions of smart, hyper-connected homes.”

“We see a great synergy developing between Veego with its AI expertise and Amdocs’ global penetration of telecoms and other large-scale service providers," noted Michael Philpott, a Senior Practice Leader with technology research firm, Omdia.