Verizon has dedicated significant resources to cultivating use cases for 5G enterprise services

Verizon has been commended for its focus on cultivating 5G enterprise use cases by leading data and analytics firm GlobalData.

At the company’s Analyst Forum in New Jersey last week, the company identified 2020 as the year when enterprise 5G services would really begin to take off. The company also emphasised its status as a first mover in 5G with the launch of its home broadband service #Ultra-Wideband’ and detailed the business impact that 5G would have in the US.

“Verizon’s view of the role of 5G in its enterprise services portfolio goes several steps further. Its view is that with the advent of 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), along with SDN, video, security telematics, and edge computing, will expand to become a foundational enabler of the real-time enterprise (RTE), in which businesses can exploit information, actions and events the moment they occur," said Kathryn Weldon, Technology Research Director at GlobalData.

“This view of the future takes advantage of emerging technologies such as massive sensor density, video analytics, robotics and automation, artificial intelligence/machine learning and augmented reality/virtual reality.”

"Industry scepticism about the potential of 5G is rampant. Verizon may be proving that with a solid road map this negativity isn’t deserved. The danger is that while operators become 5G cheerleaders, others reap the rewards as the rest of the ecosystem marginalises access and starts to offer a range of 5G-enabled services. Verizon and the other 5G trailblazers are hoping that by opening the narrative, they’ll also be able to capitalise on their own 5G investments beyond just selling airtime," she concluded.

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