The Built on 5G Challenge will provide $1 million to up to 5 start-ups looking to overcome barriers to 5G rollout

US telco, Verizon, has launched a new initiative aimed at expediting the rollout of mobile 5G services in the US. 

Speaking at the CES 2019 event in Las Vegas this week, Verizon’s CEO, Hans Vestberg, said that 5G would be a genuine game changer for connectivity in the US but that there were still a number of key obstacles to be overcome to speed up the rollout of next generation consumer services. 

"5G is way more than just a step up from current wireless technology; it’s a quantum leap that will bring an era of radically new possibilities across all areas of tech," he said. 

Verizon’s Built on 5G Challenge will provide up to $1 million in seed money for start-ups who are looking to develop solutions to 5G roadblocks. Winning entrants will also be granted access to Verizon’s award winning 5G Lab.  

"We are inviting you—today’s pioneers, to come build with us…to share your ideas on all the creative, amazing uses of 5G. We’re announcing here today our Built on 5G Challenge. 

We’re offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for future innovators to help us bring 5G to life. Over the next few months we’ll give the top 5 ideas submitted to our challenge up to $1 million in seed money and a spot at our 5G Labs to turn your idea into reality," he said. 

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