Press Release

Versa SASE and Versa Secure SD-WAN Enabling Unprecedented Security, Scale and Connectivity for Home Workers Around the Globe

Driven by the shift of employees and contractors working from home offices around the world, Versa Work-From-Home adoption has dramatically accelerated globally through Versa Powered Service Providers, Partners, and the Versa hosted cloud service. Versa Secure SD-WAN for home and Versa SASE for home and anywhere are addressing the needs of multiple industries to be able to maintain business continuity, increase security in perimeter-less environments, and provide exceptional application experience. Versa also extends visibility and analytics to IT administrators from the cloud irrespective of where end users are located.

Versa Secure SD-WAN for home enables complete VOS™ (Versa Operating System) services typically available only in an Enterprise branch into the home to provide extraordinary security, unparalleled performance, and comprehensive visibility, analytics and control. Versa Secure SD-WAN delivers differential prioritization of business traffic, proper link selection for business applications, direct-to-Internet access for SaaS and leisure apps while maintaining data privacy for family members and guests. Lean IT organisations are also able to easily implement Versa Secure SD-WAN via the Versa Titan service.

Versa Secure Access (VSA) is a Versa SASE service that is the only service in the industry to extend security, context, identity, trust, performance, and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) directly to employee and contractor end devices including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, and works independently or in conjunction with Versa Secure SD-WAN. VSA supports perimeter protection, seamless integration with existing infrastructure, automatic path switchover to optimal transport, and increased application performance while being scalable and extensible. Integrated with Versa cloud-based security, VSA is a hassle-free cloud-delivered service that is easy to deploy, manage and operate, and works with corporate-owned or employee-owned devices.

“With the largest network of dermatology experts, Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery treats the unique medical and cosmetic dermatology needs of each patient using the most advanced technologies,” said Eric Hall, Director of Network and Cybersecurity at Advanced Dermatology. “Versa is enabling Advanced Dermatology to deliver exceptional security, connectivity and performance for both on-premises and cloud applications across offices regardless of where they are located.”

Versa Work-from-Anywhere solutions work consistently with VoIP, Unified Communications and video applications while enabling cloud and on-premises security and performance. Employees gracefully transition between Versa Secure SD-WAN and Versa Secure Access based on IT policies requiring no action on the part of the employee. Thousands of bank employees, healthcare professionals, and high-tech employees leverage Versa Work-From-Home solutions to be safer, more productive, and better connected.

According to Gartner, “Many enterprise networks were not optimised to accommodate the rapid scale in Work-From-Home (WFH) users, resulting in performance, security and/or cost inefficiencies. Traditional network security and network monitoring solutions often fall short in addressing appropriate enterprise requirements for WFH users…By 2023, the number of workers who work remotely at least part-time will increase to 60 percent, up from 30 percent pre-pandemic.” 1

“You will continue to see Enterprises adopt a persistent Work-From-Home option and there are simply not enough vendors offering a robust set of networking and security features that can address the performance, visibility, and security gaps introduced by home networks and devices,” said Kelly Ahuja, CEO with Versa Networks. “Versa has the most comprehensive work-from-anywhere solution that delivers best-in-class security, SD-WAN, and analytics in a manner that is flexible, cloud-native, software- based, and hardware neutral. At the end of the day, organisations need to provide low-cost, low-latency, high-performance, and highly secure Work-From-Home solutions, and Versa meets all their requirements.”

Large corporations such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Facebook, and Google are now allowing employees to work from home for the long term or even permanently. Organisations need to face the reality that traditional enterprise networks may be obsolete and that the investment and requirements they once had for traditional enterprise networks must be translated into an easy-to-deliver solution for home offices and devices. Versa SASE, which leverages Versa Cloud Gateways in regions around the world, can be deployed on-premises, via the cloud, or as a blended combination of both. With unparalleled flexibility and scalability, Versa is stepping up to the challenge of accommodating the influx of users working from home while significantly increasing performance, security and visibility. Versa now protects, connects and analyses more than 200 Tbps of Enterprise traffic worldwide.

Versa makes it simple for organisations to deploy a comprehensive Versa work-from-anywhere solution rapidly with a new cost-efficient bundle which combines VOS™ with the Versa high-performance appliance including integrated LTE, Wi-Fi, Secure SD-WAN, advanced routing, threat management, and sophisticated analytics. Versa Secure Access is available separately or as an addition to enable work-from-anywhere.

Note 1 – Gartner, “Best Network Practices to Support Work-From-Home Initiatives,” by Andrew Lerner, et al. Sept. 23, 2020.