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All of Viettel’s companies in Asian markets (Metfone, Unitel, Mytel, Telemor) still maintain the No. 1 market share in terms of subscribers, in which Mytel has the highest service revenue growth among markets (nearly 80%).

Companies in Africa markets (Halotel, Lumitel, Movitel…) continue to develop e-wallet subscribers. Movitel is the company with the highest service revenue growth in the African markets, 38.6%, thanks to strong growth in terms of 4G subscribers and new services.

In Americas, Natcom maintained double-digit growth for 5 consecutive years and enjoyed the highest growth rate in 9 years from 2014, reaching: 28.6%. Bitel’s Super app (Mi Bitel) reached 1 million users and ranked No. 1 among the apps developed by network providers in Peru. Viettel’s telecommunications sector in foreign market reached the total revenue in the first 6 months of 2022 to 755.5 million USD, up 9.7% over the same period.

Currently, markets with a high rate of 4G subscribers (over 75%) have planned and implemented projects to turn off 3G stations. All markets promote the development of e-wallet subscribers (to date, Viettel owns 7.4 million e-wallet subscribers in foreign markets). The strategy of developing digital transformation solutions to meet the needs of e-government, digital economy and digital culture is promoted by Viettel on a global scale.


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