Press Release

Virgin Media Business is set to launch a new service allowing workers in the field to remotely connect into their corporate network using a mobile device.

For the very first time, Business Anywhere will provide direct mobile data access into a company’s network by linking directly into a business’ corporate network (IPVPN). The new technology means that staff can take their company’s private network with them wherever they go.

The new service could benefit a third of the workforce with research from Strategy Analytics finding that 1 in 3 workers are now expected to work remotely. Business Anywhere will work seamlessly across connected SIM enabled laptops, mobiles, tablets and other devices with sectors as diverse as healthcare, social services, engineering, sales and professional services all set to benefit.

Business Anywhere, which is launching in January, uses the EE mobile network to provide a resilient and direct connection into a business’ IPVPN. Using any connected SIM enabled mobile device, remote workers will be able to connect into their corporate network without needing to manually verify their device. This secure end-to-end solution provides the most streamlined remote user experience on the market.

Until now, remote workers have had to go without important documents and systems, or use cumbersome and costly user verification tokens to access work files and customer or patient records when they’re on-the-go. This new system does away with time-consuming and awkward verification processes, replacing user-authentication with automatic SIM card authentication. Once activated, the SIM creates a direct link into a company’s IPVPN using part of the existing wired line. Mobile data is routed automatically into this private network, removing the need to log-on or for the user to manually verify the device.

Rob Orr, Executive Director – Sales, for Virgin Media Business, said: “We know that businesses want simple, secure IT solutions that just work. Business Anywhere allows remote workers to access everything they need to collaborate while away from the office. It sets a new standard for remote working by allowing people to carry their corporate network with them wherever they go. Our customers will no longer be constrained by the physical footprint of their office, staff will spend less time travelling, improving productivity whilst cutting costs.”

Because the new system doesn’t require bespoke software to be developed and can be managed as part of a company’s existing private network, Business Anywhere can be set up in weeks not months. The system is easily scalable and using a portable WiFi router, can be used to set up secure, connected pop-up-offices on the fly.