The launch will take “within weeks” according to Vodafone Australia CEO Inaki Berroeta

Vodafone Australia is hoping it can turn things around after a troublesome 2019 saw its financials suffer.
With legal troubles surrounding its merger with TPG and issues relating to the national ban of Huawei, the company’s customer base took a hit, resulting in a net loss of AUD279 million for 2019, more than doubling the previous year’s loss.
In the face of such uncertainty, the company was also somewhat handcuffed in its efforts to acquire new customers and accelerate its 5G schedule.
“Facing an uncertain environment, we made a strategic decision to focus on maintaining our post-paid mobile base,” explained acting CFO Sean Crowley.
But, with the TPG merger finally getting the go ahead, Vodafone Australia is confident that their fortunes are about to change.
The newly combined company will have a strong balance sheet and significantly increased assets, allowing it to compete more effectively with Telstra and Optus. 
It will also aid in their rollout of their 5G network, which Berroeta suggests will take place “within weeks”.
Rivals Telstra and Optus have already launched their 5G networks last year, so the new merged company will have some catching up to do. 
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