New Zealand becomes the 22nd country in the world to launch commercial 5G services

Newly divested Vodafone NZ has launched commercial 5G network services in 4 cities in New Zealand.

Vodafone NZ has become the first mobile network operator to offer next generation mobile services by switching on its 5G networks in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

New Zealand becomes the 22nd country in the world to launch 5G network services.

“Our team has been working hard to light up Aotearoa with a remarkable new 5G mobile network, along with awesome new smartphones in time for Christmas,” said Vodafone New Zealand CEO, Jason Paris.

“This is just the beginning of a new technology era for New Zealand. We expect Vodafone New Zealand customers using 5G to experience mobile download speeds of potentially 5-10 times the current 4G speeds. This means Kiwis can download large files like movies much more quickly and start to experience a new world of entertainment such as cloud-based gaming – while businesses can further innovate with new technologies and connected devices.

“5G is our most powerful tool yet that will make the ‘life remotes’ in our pocket even more essential. The fifth generation network will mean our cities and communities can become more connected, smarter, safer and healthier. 5G represents greater speed, latency, capacity and security – as well as an enhanced internet of things. If 4G was the era of the Smartphone, 5G will be the era of Connected Everything,” he added.