Mobile operator boosts its bundled offerings with the launch of 1-Gbps fibre services to 4 million properties

Vodafone plans to launch a 1-Gbps fibre broadband service in Spain next week.

The telco said the service will be available from 25 September to 4 million properties in the country, with prices starting at €65 per month for consumer and businesses connections.

It plans to expand the service to the rest of its footprint, but did not share a projected timeframe.

The move plays into Vodafone’s strategy of becoming a converged player in its major markets.

While it will offer a standalone Gigabit fibre broadband service for €65 per month, the telco has also wrapped the service into its Vodafone One bundled packages.

The cheapest of those, One S, will see customers pay €82 per month for 1 Gbps fibre, free fixed-line calls, 6 GB of mobile data, and Vodafone TV Total.

One M, which amongst other things includes 10 GB of mobile data, costs €93, while the top-end package, One L, is billed at €106 and includes 20 GB of mobile data.

"Vodafone is aligning itself to the needs of households, businesses and administrations in an environment that is becoming increasingly connected with the rapid adoption of new services and lifestyles," Vodafone said, in a statement.

It listed 4K TV content, artificial intelligence, flexible working, digital education and online gaming as examples of these new services and ways of living.