Under the terms of the agreement, Egypt Telecom will provide Vodafone Egypt with transmission and infrastructure services throughout the country

Vodafone Egypt and Telecom Egypt have signed a three-year wholesale agreement, according to a company release. The agreement will see Telecom Egypt provide Vodafone Egypt with transmission and infrastructure services.

“We are pleased to sign this agreement, which supports the relationship between the two companies and reflects our eagerness to create strategic bonds with the local operators. Our model of long term agreements guarantees our market leadership in infrastructure and transmission services, especially in light of Telecom Egypt’s huge investment in its infrastructure and our continuous [desire to] offer better technical and commercial alternatives to our customers," said Ahmed El Beheiry, Telecom Egypt’s managing director and chief executive officer. 

The deal took effect from January 2018 and will run until January 2021. The agreement guarantees revenues of £97 million for Egypt Telecom over the life of the contract.

The agreement was signed on behalf of Telecom Egypt by the company’s CEO Ahmed El Beheiry and Alexander Froment-Curtil, CEO of Vodafone Egypt. The contract will encourage the companies to work more closely together and pursue synergies in their North African operations.