U.K.-based telco able to offer enterprise services to multinationals based in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania.

Vodafone on Wednesday reinforced its presence in Scandinavia and the Baltics by renewing a partnership with Denmark’s TDC and establishing a new partner market agreement with Sweden’s Tele2.

Under Vodafone’s renewed deal with TDC, mobile customers will continue to be able to roam onto each operator’s networks. The partnership also gives multinational companies with a presence in Denmark and Norway access to a range of Vodafone’s enterprise services, including IoT services and mobile security.

Wednesday’s announcement extends a partnership between Vodafone and the Danish incumbent that was first established in 2001.

"I am delighted to continue our long-standing partner market relationship with TDC and I look forward to serving TDC’s customers with the best of Vodafone’s products and services," said Diego Massidda, CEO of Vodafone Partner Markets, in a statement.

"TDC Group are very pleased that we are able to renew our partnership with Vodafone, thus ensuring the best customer experience worldwide," added Marina Lønning, senior EVP of TDC.

Meanwhile, the partner market deal with Tele2, which became effective on 1 January, means multinational business customers of Tele2 in Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania will gain access to enterprise services from Vodafone.

The partnership also gives companies in these countries a one-stop-shop for services across multiple markets.

"The partnership with Vodafone makes it possible to successfully cooperate with multinational customers where we help Vodafone with services in our markets in Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania while also taking part of Vodafone’s services globally. It is a partnership we really look forward to building together," said Tele2 CEO Allison Kirkby, in a separate statement.

"I am delighted that Tele2 has joined our partner market network and look forward to developing our relationship for the future," Massidda said.