The company will reportedly begin deploying Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s multi-access edge computing (MEC) technology Wavelength in Spain’s southernmost region, Andalusia

This week, Vodafone Business is expanding its existing partnership with AWS, announcing plans to deploy the latter’s Wavelength MEC solution in its 4G and 5G networks in yet another European market.

The new Spanish pilot deployment will reportedly cover a number of major cities in the south of Spain, including Malaga, Granada, Córdoba, Jaén, and Almería, as well as some parts of Seville.

The deployment builds on Vodafone’s previous deployments of AWS Wavelength in the UK and Germany back in 2021. Today, London, Manchester, Berlin, Munich, and Dortmund all feature AWS Wavelength Zones.

Vodafone argus that the edge is increasingly becoming a key part of their network architecture, enabling major use cases in use cases where ultra-low latency is crucial, such as remote surgery, industrial robotics, and autonomous driving.

Indeed, one of the first applications to be tested using Vodafone’s Wavelength-supported MEC capabilities will be their Safer Transport for Europe Platform, which delivers real-time environmental data to drivers on the road, including hazard warnings and traffic updates.

“5G and edge computing will help our customers transform their industries. Working with AWS, Vodafone Business can deliver applications and IT tool to customers in milliseconds, faster than the human eye or ear can even perceive,” said Jennifer Didoni, Head of Cloud, Edge & Mobile Private Networks at Vodafone Business. “By bringing these services closer to the customer across Germany, Spain, and the UK, they can access Apps on tap in more places, in high definition, at machine speed, with performance that wasn’t possible before.”

An additional focus for these deployments will be enabling extended reality applications, particularly the creation of viable 3D digital twins of critical applications in an industrial setting.

According to Vodafone, more than 30 companies have already completed related pilot with Vodafone’s Edge Innovation programme in both the UK and Germany.

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