Press Release

Linxa brings higher levels of automation and control to Vodafone Turkey’s international and national wholesale voice business, with its fully integrated, end-to-end wholesale management platform. Through the benefits of Linxa Connect, Vodafone Turkey will continue to lead the growth of international & national wholesale business in Turkey.

Vodafone Turkey, one of the nation’s leading telecommunications companies, and Linxa, the award-winning wholesale telecoms platform leader, are proud to announce the deployment of Linxa Connect, enabling Vodafone Turkey to bring the automation, control and efficiency of its international and national voice wholesale business to the next level. Linxa Connect is a fully integrated end-to-end telecom management platform which is rapidly becoming the number one choice for Tier-1 carriers globally looking for heightened simplicity, automation, control and agility.

This strategic transformation project has enabled Vodafone Turkey to replace in-house legacy systems with Linxa Connect platform. The result is simplified and more accurate end-to-end processes, from rating to routing, quality and deal management, billing, reconciliation, dispute management, all the way to fraud and reporting, for both its international and national business.

‘We are delighted to empower Vodafone Turkey’s enhanced wholesale voice business and strategy. With our Linxa Connect Wholesale Management Platform, Vodafone Turkey was able to entirely transform its wholesale operations and enhance its automation by simplifying business processes, especially for complex national bill scenarios. This meant that they were able to enjoy the benefits of a more streamlined and efficient operation from day one’ says Ali Gazioglu – COO at Linxa.

‘Linxa Connect has been a game changer for our wholesale business, giving us levels of efficiency and agility that no other solution in the industry could offer. Working in close cooperation with the pro-active Linxa team meant that we were able to transform our wholesale business seamlessly within a short period, which is unheard of in the industry. As a result, we are now, more than ever before, able to offer our customers with the highest quality wholesale experience in the industry’ says Serdar Birlik, Head of Wholesale & International Sales at Vodafone Turkey.