Press Release

Vodia Networks (“Vodia”), maker of cutting-edge software-based telephone systems, is pleased to announce it has successfully completed interoperability with Flyingvoice of Shenzhen, China, a leading VoIP CPE one-stop solutions provider specializing in IP phones, ATA gateways and VoIP routers. The successful interoperability of Vodia’s award-winning cloud PBX software with Flyingvoice FIP1X series IP phone means Flyingvoice can now provide its customers Vodia’s certified, award-winning VoIP telephone system with SIP Endpoints compatible with MS Teams and all the built-in telephony options required to work from anywhere.

The Flyingvoice FIP1X series IP phone includes entry level, mid-range and high-end IP phones – it’s a great fit for businesses of all sizes seeking high-quality and full-featured IP phones. The FIP1X series IP phone is fully interoperable with Vodia Cloud PBX – it will enrich any organization’s VoIP communication ecosystem. Flyingvoice has updated Vodia Cloud PBX support in firmware version v0.5.27 of the FIP1X series Phone.

“We’re thrilled our cloud PBX is now fully interoperable with the Flyingvoice FIP1X series of IP phones,” said Kyle Asbury, Director of Sales and Marketing, Vodia. “We know Flyingvoice customers look to the company for the best in business telephones, and now they can deploy our best-in-class with these outstanding phones. We’re honored to be associated with such an esteemed brand, and we look forward to further interoperability with more Flyingvoice phones as our relationship progresses. Thanks to the Flyingvoice team for making this happen.”

“We are pleased to have completed interoperability testing with the Vodia PBX and our FIP1X series IP phone.” said Raymond Fang, sales director of Flyingvoice. “Flyingvoice strives to continually innovate and raise the bar of quality and user experience with its VoIP communication devices. We believe we will create an excellent value and a resilient solution for the SME market with our partnership with Vodia."