Press Release

Vodia is pleased to announce version 67.0 of our award-winning multi-tenant cloud PBX is now available. 67.0 is the evolution of version 66.0: with the increasing need to work from anywhere, we made a few tweaks here and there to make working from anywhere possible and more productive. One example of this is the ability to set working hours at both the extension level and at the domain level. It significantly increases user acceptance if the phone system does not ring early in the morning!

We have also made it possible for a second-factor sign-in. Emails are a simple way to do this, of course, but where SMS is available the PBX can now send a message to the user’s cell phone with the login code. Even if the user uses a weak password, this feature significantly increases account security.

Speaking of SMS, we have added more SMS providers, including a simple “GET” provider that can send SMS. With additional scrutiny on the big chat providers for their privacy practices, SMS and MMS especially are seeing a revival, particularly for business: old school telecom providers don’t sell user data.

Another highlight of 67.0 is the ability to easily upload ringtones through the web interface, also at the domain level. Though this sounds like a small change, it makes a big difference for many partners who use individual ring melodies to tailor their customers’ experience. We have also made it possible to upload customer logos in PNG format: SVG looks better, but many clients simply don’t have it. Again, this helps provide a better experience to businesses.

We also updated the Vodia apps in the app stores between release cycles. In the Microsoft store, we were able to list the Vodia app in the Windows Store and in the Microsoft Store for Business. This is very useful for companies that want to control what apps users may install on their PCs.

67.0 also gives you outbound fax capabilities and two-factor authentication. For complete release notes, please visit

We’re excited about 67.0. It will help end-users to work productively from the office, from home and from anywhere. Hopefully we can make getting through the pandemic a little bit less painful.

For more information, please email us at with “67” in the subject line.