Press Release

Designing the right systems and easy-to-use tools is the key element for creating a seamless customer experience. In light of this, DIDWW, a leading provider of premium quality VoIP communications and two-way SIP trunking services, has recently launched its redesigned and improved self-service user portal.

This major update to the DIDWW User Panel is set to maximize a positive customer experience by featuring a new dashboard, an upgraded porting tool, enhanced SMS trunk administration, and more. The improvements to the SMS service will simplify management activities and allow DIDWW customers to better leverage the features of the platform, including voice and SMS functionality on the same phone number, which is unique to DIDWW in the cloud communications industry.

One of the key elements of the telecom operator’s latest release is an upgraded porting tool. This advancement allows global carriers and enterprises to easily manage the entire porting process online, as well as port numbers on a large scale through their account. The functional interface has been designed to be as simple to use as possible for the end user, yet sufficiently feature-rich for a global operator. The phone number porting at DIDWW is free of charge and allows customers to quickly transfer-in any number of DIDs with minimal disruption, while focusing on their business.

Marius Martinkus, Technical Operations Manager at DIDWW, added, “We provide businesses and telecom operators with a powerful cloud communications platform, and constantly strive to put the customer first and elevate their experience with our products and services.”