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Vox Technologies, a VoxCarrier company, has launched Vox 360, an anti-fraud solution designed to simplify the fight against fraud in telecommunications and accelerate service providers to monetise new and existing services. Vox 360 uses proprietary technology that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Anti-Fraud Bots and a global threat database to mitigate fraud losses in Voice, SMS and A2P messaging services.

Unlike other anti-fraud solutions, Vox 360 captures data from both Voice and SMS to understand patterns of fraud and uses it to mitigate fraud for local, regional and Tier 1 Carriers and Mobile Network Operators (MNO) using a single platform. It removes the need for multiple anti-fraud solutions, while also creating a global database that recognises patterns across service categories to increase its ability to identify fraudulent activity.

“In a market where fraud losses can be as high as 50% to 90%, we recognised the need for a solution that could address revenue leakage in Voice, SMS and A2P messaging. Vox 360 enables service providers to create profitable and sustainable businesses and identify and mitigate more than 99% of fraud across their organisations,” said Ehsan Ahmadi, CEO and Founder at Vox Technologies. “Unlike any other technology vendor in the market, we will assess a service provider’s fraud losses then write a cheque that can be cashed by customers if they fail to recover revenue leakage. That’s the level of confidence we have in our solution.”

Vox Technologies was developed by Vox Carrier to focus on data analytics, business intelligence and telecoms solutions. It combines deep expertise in software development, deployment and operations with the service provider experience of VoxCarrier. Vox Technologies was developed to address some of the largest technological challenges facing local, regional and global service providers.

“With Vox 360, we are accelerating monetisation, innovating across services, and delivering it with a disruptive commercial model,” said Ahmadi. “We are removing the silos from anti-fraud technologies to deliver the most customer-centric and holistic solution available in the market today. We are committed to innovating and delivering the most advanced solutions for fraud in our industry.”

Vox 360 is live and operational with Tier 1 Carriers, regional players and local MNOs. Service providers choose Vox 360 because of its ability to tackle the most challenging types of fraud with a specific expertise in identifying and mitigating SIM Box fraud. It is also able to identify bypass fraud in inbound and outbound traffic on international, national or individual local brand networks as well as a whole range of fraud categories.

Vox 360 is offered with a no-cost pre-assessment of its network’s vulnerabilities without gaining access to the network. Get in touch to book an assessment:

About Vox Technologies

Vox Technologies is a Vox Carrier company focused on the development of Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Telecom Solutions. Vox Technologies is offering world-class technological solutions that combine the experience of Vox Carrier with the most up-to-date solutions design techniques, business intelligence, data analytics and AI technologies. Its teams are using cutting-edge technologies in software development, deployment and operations.