Press Release

Digitalk is excited to announce that Voz Digital, an alternative service provider with operations in Chile, Argentina and Peru, has migrated its complete voice infrastructure to Digitalk Carrier Cloud. The migration ensures that Voz Digital can continue to sustain significant growth in traffic demands, secure elastic capacity for future activities, and support demanding call throughput.

The addition of Voz Digital to the Carrier Cloud community is yet another endorsement of Digitalk’s commitment to the LatAm region and of its growing local success.

“All our services are based over VoIP technology and serve the market of SME and Call Centre industry within Chile, Argentina and Peru. The nature of Call Centre traffic requires to be able to handle high CPS and concurrent calls – with periodic peaks and surges in demand”, said Pablo Pombo Pajor, CEO of Voz Digital. “Digitalk provides us a very robust and stable solution able to handle such challenging traffic profiles and allows us to continue to grow in our traditional segments, as well as in wholesale markets.”

Giovanni Tesauro, VP of Sales for Americas and Southern Europe for Digitalk commented “Voz Digital had some very specific requirements that it could not fulfil with other solutions. Carrier Cloud integrates the desired functionality in its core, ensuring that Voz Digital can operate effectively and in compliance with local regulations. Our long experience in Latam ensures that we can provide such local features and we welcome Voz Digital to Carrier Cloud.”

Digitalk Carrier Cloud allows operators and wholesale carriers to reduce operational costs through efficient process automation and management. Additionally, it offers many features specifically tailored for the Latin American market, including:

• Real-time charging and Reporting for continuous business monitoring
• Unlimited capacity to handle dynamic call volumes and unexpected traffic peaks
• High CPS support suitable for contact centre traffic management
• Number Portability and National Numbering Plan support
• Anatel short call charge compliance
• Interoperability with Telmex interconnection specifications

For more information, contact Giovanni Tesauro at