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An explosion in Investment in telecoms infrastructure is enabling both new market entrants and established operators alike embark on new fibre build programs, but scaling the gigabit society takes more than just funding.

Investors in Portugal, Spain, UK, and now Germany are favouring fibre-based infrastructure builds over other traditional investment safe havens as a strong source of reliable and meaningful returns.

A perfect storm results when the explosion in available funds combines with other factors including:
– Government mandates
– EU policy and regulation changes
– The latest broadband targets laid down within the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC)
– The near final definitions of Very High Capacity Networks (VHCN)

The result is a situation where a lack of resources, not funding, is presenting a real barrier to the industry.

In this webinar, you will learn:
– How new fibre build programs are resulting in temporary, building and enhancing, resource challenges
– What post build out resource challenges are being seen in terms of maintenance and management of the network
– Why a lack of understanding of the current and required build and maintenance capabilities is preventing carriers addressing resource challenges

Speaker: Kurt Preston, VP Services Sales, ADTRAN

Kurt has a BSC in Industrial and Management Engineering and over 25 years in the Telecommunications/Broadband industry. For approximately 10 years Kurt held leadership positions at US West and Qwest running planning/engineering, field operations, center operations and the Network Operations Center. For the last 16 years Kurt has worked at ADTRAN in a variety of Sales roles and held Direct Account leadership positions over CenturyLink, LATAM and National Accounts as well as North American Sales Engineering.

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