The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally reshaped the working world, with connectivity more important than ever – but how have telcos reacted to this increase in pressure?

The advent of the coronavirus pandemic has shaken the telecoms industry to its core, with companies’ agility and resilience on display for all to see. 

Total Telecom’s webinar, ‘State of Play, Telecoms & COVID-19’, will explore just how these companies have shifted to ensure not only connectivity for their customers but also resilience for the future of their business.


Overcoming COVID-19 challenges 

From network traffic management to remote working, the coronavirus pandemic has been a minefield of potential challenges for telcos to navigate. 

•  “Our major challenge was to keep our company, our services, and our customers’ businesses running as normally as possible by overcoming physical distance and social confinement through digital proximity,” explained Luis Alveirinho, CTO of Altice Portugal.

•  “For us the biggest challenge was to keep the business running in different regions that are facing lockdowns with different intensities […] Working around [the lockdowns] to protect the wellbeing of our staff while ensuring the smooth running of the business and operations was difficult. We continue to adopt different measures to reflect our customers need and maintain the high quality service delivery,” said Ravi Mahalingam, SVP of International Business at HGC Global Communications.

•  "Our biggest challenge was to find ways and ensure that our staff could continue to work safely while at the same time maintaining a stable services for our customers," explained Ana Dinho, Director, Customer Operations, eir.    


An Expert Panel

Find out just how telcos are overcoming these major challenges from a panel of expert speakers who are dealing with these challenges on a daily basis:


    • Luis Alveirinho, CTO, Altice Portugal 

    • Ravi Mahalingam, SVP, International Business, HGC Global Communications

    • Ana Dinho, Director, Customer Operations, eir

    • Andrew Collinson (Moderator), Partner & Research Director, STL Partners


The free webinar will take place on the 13th of May at 11:00 AM BST. Register now