Press Release has launched the first truly local UK eSIM service in the form of the O2 UK eSIM. The new service is focused on offering UK residents lower tariffs on the O2 network and all the benefits of eSIM technology while at home in the United Kingdom.

The O2 eSIM works on a rolling 30-day contract and there are five plans to choose from: 2GB for £14.00, 8GB for £19.00, 24GB for £24.00, 50GB for £27.00, and UNLIMITED for £30.00. Each plan comes with unlimited minutes and messages, 5G connectivity, and Wi-Fi calling.

Through previous surveys by, one of the main benefits of an eSIM is a convenient second number which is typically used for two-factor SMS authentication or simply a number for privacy or as a separate work line.

eSIMs have largely been appreciated by travellers, but as COVID-19 brought travel to a halt, used it as an opportunity to work on introducing the first local eSIM service for the UK but with Roam Like Home also included in all EU countries.

It is the latest product by the London-born eSIM store designed to make connectivity easier and more affordable while giving UK users more control over their mobile plans.

“We firmly believe that UK domestic consumers want the flexibility and convenience provided by eSIM services and are pleased to be exclusively offering the O2 eSIM service at typical UK SIM only pricing,” says Gerry O’Prey,’s Director of Technology. has been a pioneer in the eSIM industry since its inception in 2019 and the launch of the O2 UK eSIM service is another demonstration of their determination to improve the mobile experience through eSIM technology. Other operators will replace a SIM Only service on request, but is the first to remove the need for a plastic SIM altogether.

O2 is one of the UK’s largest mobile networks. It had over 30 million subscribers as of February 2020 and is known for being the preferred network for users wanting greater value in terms of cost, choice, and flexibility.

For mobile users who would like to switch to an eSIM service or who have two SIM cards and would like to have them both in the same phone at the same time, has a Port to Prepaid service that allows customers to transfer their phone number to a prepaid eSIM service. The Mobile Number Porting (MNP) service is fully supported by all UK operators, making the only eSIM provider to offer such a solution.