Total Telecom recently spoke with Karen Truitt, Global Director IoT Sales, Edge Computing and Service Providers, at Intel.

During the interview we discussed:
– Intel’s role in the Internet of Things and the importance of their end to end perspective for CSP’s
– How Intel is nurturing and empower the IoT ecosystem with a three pronged approach: get to market; go to market; and industry engagement
– Key concepts including the evolution of the service provider and the importance of visual analytics
– The importance of moving from individual bespoke (point) solutions to broader blueprints of the best partners to stitch wider offers together, such as smart factory, smart stadium, or smart city
– Why IT+OT+CT is the next wave [Information technology + operational technology + connectivity]
– What is the role of AI in the IT ecosystem

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Total Telecom recently partnered with Intel to produce “Delivering innovation for telco transformation”, a 90 minute virtual event. The event brought together senior executives from Intel, a number of Intel’s I-CAP partners, and senior speakers from Vodafone to discuss four key themes: 5G and Communications; IoT and Edge; Cloud and Data Centre; and Artificial Intelligence.

The IoT and Edge theme was particularly well-received, with speakers Karen Truitt, Director, Global IoT Partner Sales, Intel, Ludovico Fassati, Head of IoT, Vodafone Americas, Paul Gallagher, VP Strategic Marketing, Airy3D and Ziv Livne, Chief Business Officer, TriEye joining a panel discussion on “Navigating the IoT ecosystem”.