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World Telecom Labs (WTL) today announced that The LTE Innovation Lab in Sao Paolo is now open and ready to host operators interested in rolling out fixed LTE networks in Brazil.

The LTE Innovation Lab has been designed so that service providers of all sizes in Brazil – including the new 2.6GHz license holders and ISPs inexperienced with radio networks – can learn how fixed LTE can be deployed to provide fast broadband voice and data service to homes and businesses without an expensive fibre dig.

The recent release of 2.6GHz TDD licenses in Brazil is intended to shake-up the Brazilian market and to deliver services to rural and suburban subscribers not covered by existing infrastructure. The auction attracted widespread interest and fierce competition. The new license holders must start operations by the end of 2018 and launch full commercial services in 2019.

Previously, the rollout of infrastructure in rural and smaller urban areas has been slowed by the associated high costs. However, in recognition of the potential for LTE, which enables a high-quality broadband service to be delivered wirelessly, the Brazilian regulator Anatel has authorised the rollout of LTE networks in nearly 800 cities across Brazil.

WTL and VoIP Consult, its partner in Brazil, built The LTE Innovation Lab so that service providers are able to test WTL’s award-winning Vivada LTE system, which was specifically designed to deliver high-quality voice and data services over LTE in lower-density urban and even rural areas. Vivada LTE includes the ePC (the central LTE core), the eNodeBs (small cells) and VivadaView, its billing and provisioning system.

Service providers can use Vivada LTE to benchmark new apps and services, test routers and CPEs – or just get some first hand exposure to real-world LTE networks.

In addition, VoIP Consult and WTL’s team of experts will be on-hand to share their experiences in building profitable LTE networks in lower-density areas – as well as for temporary situations such as additional coverage for outdoor events and conferences, and in disaster and crisis situations.

WTL and VoIP provide a complete planning and deployment service so service providers can maximise their spectrum investments.

WTL has also opened an LTE Innovation Lab in Johannesburg, South Africa – and planning another in Lagos, Nigeria where many incumbent and challenger ISPs and operators are looking for cost-effective ways of rolling out LTE networks in smaller towns and villages.

Leigh Smith, MD of World Telecom Labs, said “The new 2.6GHz spectrum license holders in Brazil need to get to market fast to make the most of their investments but they need to conduct Proof of Concept trials before they commit millions of dollars to network rollouts.

Our LTE Innovation Labs are suitable for operators at all levels from incumbents with fibre networks to ISPs looking for new access infrastructure to totally new license holders. They will all receive practical advice on how fixed LTE networks can be deployed to provide profitable services to homes and businesses outside the main urban hubs.”

To book an appointment at the Sao Paolo LTE Innovation Hub please email and visit

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