More than 100 WTTx networks have been commercially deployed around the globe. WTTx is practical and economical, winning favor with global telecom operators and serving more than 45 million households. At the Mobile World Congress 2017, ITU, GTI, TDIA, Qualcomm, and Huawei, along with over 25 operators and industry partners, such as Gemtek and MitraStar, attended the 3rd Smart Home @ Wireless Industry Roundtable. Hosted by GTI, this roundtable focused on how to build households broadband competence with WTTx. GTI also released the first 4G Wireless Broadband White Paper, encouraging telecom departments, Industry organization, vendors, CPE manufacturers and telecom operators worldwide to unite in efforts to significantly accelerate the commercial deployment of WTTx.

Dr. Liu, Spectrum WG Chair of GTI, CTO of Wireless and Device dept CMRI, stated that TDD plays a big role in wireless broadband market. He said that LTE TDD is especially suitable for 4G wireless broadband development, with lots of advantages, such as channel reciprocity, large continuous spectrum with big block, mature ecosystem, continuously evolution (especially Massive MIMO technology) which improve network performance greatly. 4G wireless broadband will bring new revenue to operators.

Releasing 4G wireless broadband whitepaper,WTTx 2.0 promote industry and network evolution
4G White Paper Release
Mrs. Kathleen Leach, Chairman of the GTI Business and Services Working Group, introduced 4G wireless broadband whitepaper, this WP described the advantage of wireless broadband compared with fixed broadband, mature ecosystem and continuous evolution of 4G WBB, shared key commercial cases globally.

At the 2016 Global MBB Forum, Huawei introduced WTTx 2.0, it features significant improvements from the dimensions of broadband capability, network convergence, O&M, and service provision, upgrading WTTx 1.0 to WTTx 2.0. Huawei considers these dimensions as four forces propelling WTTx 2.0.

Expand the WTTx industry and introduce new services to WTTx.

Three WTTx industry activities have taken place, WTTx industry circle has expand to ITU, GTI, TDIA, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Huawei, more than 25 operators, and various industry partners.

WTTx can bring fast ROI with overlaying on the existing MBB network, reusing network resource such as spectrum and transmit equipment, etc. Key technologies like massive MIMO unlock network potential of WTTx, full-bands CPE support network expansion and upgrade naturally. New services such as video and smart home with WTTx will bring additional revenue for Operators.

Mature industry chain, healthy chip supply environment

Currently, more than 37 manufacturers provide more than 230 models of CPEs to meet various requirements, greatly maturing the WTTx industry chain. Huawei, MitraStar, and Gemtek have developed CPEs that support features such as 4×4 MIMO and Carrier Aggregation, etc. The peak rate of the most advanced CPE can reach up to 2 Gbit/s.

According to an ITU Connect 2020 report, by 2020 an additional 430 million households are expected to have broadband access, while broadband rates will be accelerated for 380 million households.” said by representative of ITU. “Wireless broadband will help operators further expand the boundaries of HBB and accelerate the growth in broadband."


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