Press Release

Leading MVNA (Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator) x-Mobility ( is behind an innovative new mobile service in the UK that is powered by renewable energy. The mobile service, launched by a leading utility company, offers subscribers top of the range 4G connectivity, competitive pricing, 30-day rolling contracts and no exit fees.

But there’s more to this new service than great quality connections and attractive pricing. The new communications network has a unique message to its customers about green energy and renewable sources. Launching as an MVNO is this way allows the utility company to extend its message into new sectors and create deeper relationships within its existing customer base.

As the partner MVNA, x-Mobility provides all the technology and know-how required to run the service, leaving the utility company free to concentrate on its core business while providing a whole new range of communications services tailored to the needs of its customers.

“Creating a mobile offering for existing subscribers is a great expansion on the core business for a utility company, or indeed a brand in almost any sector,” said Shanks Kulam Co-Founder and CMO of x-Mobility. “This launch has shown that it is viable for all kinds of organisations to launch mobile brands configured to serve their target customer base.”