Press Release

Zinwave, a global provider of wideband distributed network solutions for in-building wireless delivery of public safety, mobile, IoT, and other services, today announced a programme to support any frequency band from 3GHz-6GHz for distribution of both licensed and unlicensed signal within a venue. This builds on Zinwave’s current product portfolio and ability to support TDD-based services, likely to be the basis of services in the 3GHz-6GHz frequency bands. Zinwave plans to have technology solutions for customer testing in Q2 of 2017, and Zinwave executives will be available to discuss this new platform in Hall 5, Stand J51 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

LTE and the use of spectrum in the 3GHz-6GHz range will be key bridges to 5G mobile wireless services, and these frequencies will be largely targeted at network densification efforts, particularly in indoor spaces. There are a number of wireless operators worldwide who will be deploying licensed band LTE networks in the 3.5GHz spectrum range in order to boost their network capacity. In addition, the FCC has recently opened up 150MHz of unlicensed spectrum in the 3.5GHZ range (3550-3700MHz), known as Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), for commercial use. This will allow enterprises and large public venues to deploy carrier-grade unlicensed LTE networks on which mobile subscribers can roam.

Another emerging solution set melds licensed and unlicensed bands to enable greater throughput and capacity as well as traffic offload. These efforts are taking form in such technologies as LTE-U and LAA. These services will operate in the 5GHz band, and will be primarily used to address indoor wireless connectivity.

All of these services will be emerging in the next one to three years in the 3GHz-6GHz spectrum and are largely targeted at indoor coverage and capacity. Thus, Zinwave’s decision to deliver solutions supporting this frequency range will make it possible for enterprises and building owners to meet their bandwidth and speed requirements by taking advantage of the latest wireless technologies on the road to 5G.

“Wideband frequency technology is Zinwave’s DNA, so it’s not surprising that we are taking the lead in enabling new 3GHz-6GHz frequencies that will be essential for supporting faster and more robust wireless services on the road to 5G,” said Scott Willis, CEO of Zinwave. “With this support, our customers can deploy Zinwave’s UNItivity distributed wireless solution with complete confidence that it will support LTE-U, LAA, MulteFire, CBRS, and other emerging technologies.”