The 5G launch in Carinthia will turn the region into a hotbed for 5G use cases in the tourism sector

CK Hutchison’s mobile network operator in Austria, Drei (Three), has joined forces with Chinese network equipment provider, ZTE. Top showcase a range of tourism based 5G use cases in the Austrian state of Carinthia.

"While others are still talking about "5G ready", the digital future in the flagship region of Wörthersee is already a reality. With the start of the fifth mobile radio generation in Pörtschach, Drei will offer a more efficient Internet supply for Carinthian households and companies. The support of innovative regions is a large request to us as 5G helps to reduce the digital divide between the city and country and creates important new impulses for tourism, transport, medicine and agriculture," said Jan Trionow, CEO of Drei Austria.

ZTE and Drei have been working hand in hand to establish Carinthia as a digital centre of excellence to showcase the transformative potential of 5G for the tourism sector.  

Using ZTE’s Axon 10 Pro handset, the pair were able to demonstrate a 360-degree live view of the “Wörthersee” region, and experience high-speed transfer speeds of up to one gigabit per second, thanks to Drei’s cutting edge 5G network infrastructure.

"With the introduction of 5G in Pörtschach, today we are enabling the future of telecommunications in Carinthia by pointing out the promising future opportunities by means of smart applications. Thus, the existing cooperation between ZTE and the state of Carinthia, together with our long-standing partner Drei, will be raised to the next level. ZTE Austria sees it as an important task to strengthen Carinthia as a business and tourism location with international knowledge and generate local added value in Carinthia through co-operations, such as the one with IoT40 Systems. With the intensification and expansion of our partnership, we will make an important contribution to Carinthia’s tourism, environment and society," said Christian Woschitz, CEO of ZTE Austria.

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