Press Release

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced with Banglalink the successful smooth migration of 60 million legacy users, and formal commercialisation of the world’s largest virtual Subscriber Data Management (vSDM) platform in Bangladesh, marking a significant milestone in digital transformation. The virtual SDM platform possesses the largest capacity in the world, and will help Banglalink achieve more efficient user data management and enhance service availability.

The vSDM platform uses advanced virtualisation technology to achieve hardware and software decoupling, and uses generic commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware to achieve flexible and elastic on-demand deployment, saving investment and operation and maintenance (O&M) costs, meeting continuous network evolution and service needs such as 5G and IoT. It uses a large-capacity multi-network element integration database solution to meet the requirements of multi-network integration and large capacity. The virtualisation technology will bring faster speeds, and help users realise digital transformation as a result. 60 million Banglalink users will benefit from the virtualisation of the network.

Banglalink CEO, Erik Aas said, "Banglalink has been trying to create a truly digital, inclusive society, and with the support of its partner we have taken a big step towards that goal through the successful commercialisation of the virtual SDM platform. This has been an excellent exercise of teamwork between the organisations which will help us offer the best network experience for our customers. The implementation of the world’s largest vSDM is a landmark for both companies and Banglalink will always support to introduce new technology to become the best digital service provider in Bangladesh."

ZTE Bangladesh CEO, Vincent Liu, said: "I am honoured, on behalf of ZTE, together with Banglalink, to announce the official commercialisation of the SDM platform. As the strategic partner, we will continue to be committed to providing the best services and solutions for Banglalink, to help them achieve continued business success."

ZTE has been committed to providing innovative and leading virtualisation solutions, and actively participates in the development of standards to promote the improvement of the industry chain, to help operators deal with the 5G and IoT challenges. In 2016, ZTE deployed over 40 virtualisation networks for operators worldwide, demonstrating its leadership and experience in commercial virtualisation deployment. Moving forwards, ZTE and Banglalink will continue their in-depth cooperation, supporting Banglalink’s digital transformation and the enhancement of end-user experience through leading technologies.