Press Release

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that its service scale and overall performance grew steadily in 2016. To date, ZTE has signed over 228 managed service contracts around the world and has over 400,000 contract sites and cable assets consisting of over 500,000 kilometres of optical fibre cables. ZTE is constantly enhancing its managed service delivery capability in order to benefit over 350 million users globally. Against a backdrop of digital transformation in the global telecommunications industry, ZTE has adhered to a service strategy based on innovation, fully exploring both the Chinese and overseas markets.

In telecommunications, due to its understanding of customer needs, development of innovative solutions and ability to deliver results, ZTE has provided services to numerous leading operators, including AMX (Telmex in Colombia), Etisalat (Mobily in Saudi Arabia), Euskaltel in Spain, Hutchison (H3G in Austria, Vietnamobile in Vietnam), MTN in Uganda, Telefonica (O2 in Germany, Movistar in Columbia), Telenor (TP in Pakistan, DIGI in Malaysia), China Mobile, China Tower and China Unicom. These service cases illustrate how ZTE’s overall service product competitiveness has increased.

In October 2016 at the MTN Group’s annual business conference in South Africa, the MTN Uganda project won Best Network Experience of 2016, highlighting ZTE’s strength in service products and delivery. In the 2016 P3 connect benchmark test, the Austrian H3G network was ranked number one in data service and proved to be a front-runner in voice service. The H3G network enhanced customer satisfaction and brand popularity, enabling the number of network users to triple in 2016, compared with 2010. In the Chinese market, ZTE won the second share of province numbers in China Mobile’s 2016–2018 network operation and maintenance (O&M) procurement project. ZTE also ranked first on the China Tower 2016 Ten Best O&M Partners list.

ZTE has deployed datacentre service projects globally. In the Chinese market, its projects can be found in five major industries across 20 provinces, including the Tencent Pingshan datacentre in Shenzhen and Baidu datacentre in Hualong, Guangzhou. Overseas market breakthroughs were achieved with the Bengal National datacentre project and Thailand True project.

ZTE’s managed service solutions for business O&M have, jointly with Telenor Pakistan, won the Business Service Innovation Award from GTB Global Telecoms Business, and have begun to serve a large number of telecommunications operators. As a completely cloud-based era of networking approaches, ZTE will continue to explore innovative service solutions to constantly improve product competitiveness and embrace, together with its customers, a smart-cloud era that features industrial upgrades and cloud-based transformation.