ZTE is involved in a host of research and development projects across Italy, with the company’s CEO saying that it will redouble its efforts to make up for lost time

ZTE’s Italian subsidiary, ZTE Italia, is forging ahead with a host of research and development initiatives in country, following the removal of its parent company from the US banning list.

As of the 13th July, ZTE was officially removed from the US blacklist, meaning that it was free to recommence manufacturing of its smartphones, which are heavily reliant on certain US based components. The move also means that ZTE’s global subsidiaries are free to reconvene their R&D projects, without fear of compromising their partners.

“We are aware of the huge amount of work that needs to be done,” said Hu Kun, CEO of ZTE Italia.

“We are going to demonstrate, once again, that we are capable of innovating in Italy with cutting-edge technological solutions and presenting new solutions and products that boost the economy,” he added.

ZTE’s share price collapsed earlier this year, when news of the potential ban looked as if it would bankrupt the Chinese smartphone maker. Since then, however, ZTE’s share price has risen steadily as the company looks to re-engage with the industry.