Press Release

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced the launch of its DCI-dedicated stackable 100G+ enhanced optical transport network (E-OTN) product, ZXONE 7000, at the Next Generation Optical Networking and Optical Datacentre Interconnect (NGON & Optical DCI) Forum. It features a small size, large capacity, low power and easy maintenance. The ZXONE 7000 is applicable to short-distance transmission within metropolitan area networks (MANs) and long-distance transmission within backbone networks.

A single ZXONE 7000 subrack has a capacity of 1.6 T, and can smoothly be upgraded to 4.8 T. The ZXONE 7000 supports access of 10GE/STM-64 and 100GE/OTU4 services. With high integration, stackable design, and flexible deployment, it can make full use of the equipment room space and can satisfy the requirements for power consumption and management for investment distribution and smooth capacity expansion. The ventilation design of the air intake in the front and the air outlet at the back adapts to the data centre (DC) equipment room, increasing heat dissipation efficiency. The software-defined optical network (SDON) function is used to construct an intelligent and open network architecture. Subracks are managed by various methods, including ZTE NetNumenTM U31, Web-LCT, and northbound interfaces, making it convenient for operation and maintenance.

“The ZXONE 7000 is specially developed for DCIs by ZTE. It can effectively satisfy users’ DCI requirements, including operators, Internet companies, large financial institutions, and conglomerates in many aspects including service access, transmission performance, maintenance management, operation reliability, and energy saving,” said Chen Yufei, general manager of optical transmission products at ZTE.

ZTE is a leader in 100G/beyond-100G innovation technologies with more than 300 network application cases, and a total length of fibres exceeding 300, 000 km. In accordance with the latest market share data published by OVUM, ZTE had the fastest quarter-on-quarter growth, and the second largest market share of optical networks in the first quarter of 2017.