Press Release

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced the launch of its flagship ZXMP S385F at CeBIT in Hannover. A cutting-edge flexible multi-service transport platform (MSTP) device, the ZXMP S385F is aimed at providing on-demand solutions for enterprise markets, especially energy transport networks and rail transport industries. Perfectly blending three mainstream transport technologies, i.e. synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH), packet and optical transport network (OTN) together, the device is known for having the most comprehensive service access and processing capabilities, and is able to access existing networks seamlessly and offer next-generation transport technologies to ensure smooth network evolution.

The recent boom in communications services, especially the increased demand for broadband and IP services in the enterprise market, seriously challenges traditional multiservice transport networks. ZTE’s flexible MSTP solution helps enterprise customers further extend development, enjoy simpler network architecture and eliminate operations administration and maintenance (OAM) bottlenecks.

By combining the SDH, packet and OTN switching planes, the modular-designed ZXMP S385F provides a flexible networking solution. One device can carry all sorts of existing communications services including, but not limited to, pulse code modulation (PCM), plesiochronous digital hierarchy and synchronous digital hierarchy (PDH&SDH), Ethernet and OTN. The industry-leading service bandwidth ranges from 64K to 100G.

Smart pipelines provided by the ZXMP S385F offer an optimal transport solution for different kinds of services. Software defined networks (SDN) based rigid pipelines or elastic pipelines can be chosen. On the network side, hybrid transmission of time division multiplexing (TDM) and packet services via single fibre enables the flexible distribution of service bandwidth.

ZTE’s proprietary “PIC Technology” used by the ZXMP S385F enhances transport efficiency by 20 percent. Built-in multiplexers/demultiplexers, allowing 400G transport bandwidth per fibre, enable sustainable network development. Embedded optical booster amplifiers/optical preamplifiers (OBA/OPA) modules at the same time make 200km long-distance transport a reality.

In addition, the ZXMP S385F provides on-demand services for the enterprise network, for example, embedded PCM interfaces, built-in 2M optical interfaces, service quality management (SQM) and SDN technologies employed for intelligent OAM.

Thanks to its historical long-term commitment to the study of enterprise communications network solutions, ZTE is now a veteran with rich experience in network construction, a deep understanding of the industry and innovative plans for the future. Because it is based on ZTE’s next-generation open platform, the ZXMP S385F may not only provide flexible, intelligent and sustainable communications transport networks for enterprise customers, but can also actually help build strong digital nerves for all industries.