Press Release

DZS (NASDAQ: DZSI), a global leader in intelligent, packet-based mobile transport and converged broadband edge access solutions for communications service providers and enterprise customers in more than 100 countries, today launched the DZS Velocity broadband access solutions portfolio, providing carriers with extraordinary flexibility through the latest fiber access technologies and SDN-enabled operational models. In today’s hyper-connected world where service providers face the challenges of an explosion of connected devices, applications that demand multi-gigabit speeds, and customers expecting always-on connectivity, the DZS Velocity broadband access portfolio provides industry-leading performance, open software-enabled agility, and extensive deployment flexibility to enable carrier network transformation and success.

Armed with a broad array of products powered by sdNOS – the modern SDN-enabled Network Operating System that will support the entire range of DZS fiber-based broadband access systems, switches and routers – service providers can leverage the DZS Velocity broadband access portfolio to find the right fit for their network requirements from the regional datacenter to head end, central office or edge cloud sites, to the far-edge of the network.

“Our vision of unifying the diverse DZS fiber access product portfolio takes a giant leap forward with the introduction of the DZS Velocity broadband access solutions – built on the foundation of an extensive portfolio of fiber access products powered by sdNOS,” said Charlie Vogt, President and CEO of DZS. “The DZS V-, M-, C-series and MXK-F products form the basis of DZS Velocity solutions, and have already proven themselves globally, including at scale in networks across Asia, the Americas and EMEA regions. These ongoing investments lay the foundation for an open and agile future for both DZS and its customers, including a variety of upcoming innovative products, while providing a future-ready, distributed, software-defined platform that enables success.”

Already a global leader in 10gig PON and point-to-point Ethernet access technologies with a range of fixed form factor, compact and large chassis-based systems, DZS will unify its V-series, M-series, and MXK-F platforms with sdNOS, a single, state-of-the-art, Linux-based operating system.

The sdNOS software platform provides a comprehensive and modular set of Layer 2 and Layer 3 features, including:

MPLS, SR and SRv6
PIM protocols (SM, DM, SSM and PM)
IGMP (IPv4) and MLD (IPv6)
Designed for portability, sdNOS provides the real-time software runtime layer for ARM, x86-64, and PowerPC based systems and complementary networking data path hardware. Its flexible, architecture is fully SDN enabled – allowing operators to choose between centralized or distributed control architectures, while realizing the operational benefits of automated service orchestration. Carrier grade reliability features are built into sdNOS with non-disruptive start or restart for individual subsystems and a software design allowing in-service patching or upgrades.

Intrinsic support for virtualization and NFV in sdNOS allows the base software to coexist with higher level network functions or applications on any host system, or to be deployed in virtualized or containerized platforms.

Already present in all V-, M-, and C-series systems, sdNOS will soon be present in upcoming MXK-F line-cards. In addition, sdNOS will be the advanced operating system for the upcoming DZS Velocity V2 Any-PORT / Any-PON (APAP) system, powered by sdNOS – the industry’s most advanced PON system for agile operators. An industry breakthrough, this chassis-based system will support a full array of widely deployed and next generation fiber access technologies (PON/10G PON and Active Ethernet/10G Ethernet) and on each APAP card and allow seamless, cost effective, and operationally optimized transition from technologies like GPON to XGS-PON one subscriber at a time – allowing coexistence on the same physical fiber infrastructure.

“DZS Velocity broadband access solutions are the culmination of years of innovation at DZS and demonstrate our commitment to an open, standards-based, SDN-enabled and interoperable future for our service provider customers,” said Andrew Bender, CTO of DZS. “Leveraging a unified software environment and common feature sets across multiple products powered by sdNOS, DZS Velocity solutions fulfill our core principles of customer choice, operational efficiency, and high performance for 10gig and beyond optical broadband services.”

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