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SHAKE Marketing Group has released a white paper exploring how the top telecommunications companies are communicating its value to customers. After analyzing the websites and Twitter feeds of the top 30 global telecom firms, research revealed that every company is telling a similar story – using the exact same language.

The white paper was developed to help telecom business leaders understand the opportunity to develop unique and relevant customer communications, rather than regurgitating the same generic messaging as the rest of the industry.

As customer attention spans decline, marketing and sales content must evolve from product-centric to customer-centric. The title, “Lost in a Sea of Sameness”, derives from the “one size fits all” messaging and approach that buyers are being exposed to today.

“There is a fatally missed opportunity to better understand and deliver customer value. As a result, we are seeing more companies in the telecom industry fail to differentiate themselves,” said Stacey Danheiser, President of SHAKE Marketing Group. “This research outlines the faulty thinking that leads to a lack of differentiation and how to overcome it.”

According to Corporate Executive Board research, 94 percent of prospects have disengaged with vendors due to content that fails to resonate with the customer. The white paper provides information on the importance of an individualized value proposition that creates meaning and connection for the consumer.

Key takeaways from the research include:
Generic technology and business terms dominate communications.
Lack of customer centricity — companies are more focused on products rather than the customer.
Unsupported business claims fail to resonate with customer value.

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