Press Release

Research commissioned by Engage Hub, the data-driven customer engagement solutions company, questioning over 2,000 UK consumers, has found that nearly half (47%) of consumers believe mobile network operators (MNOs) could improve the customer experience by providing tailored offers to them. Meanwhile, good communication (47%) was identified as having had the biggest impact on consumers’ experiences with MNOs in the last year.

The research, designed to better understand how fragile a customer’s relationship with MNOs can be, also found that when consumers started using the services of an alternative provider, targeted promotions (25%) and a personalised service (23%) were key factors in their decision to switch. Indeed, where MNOs have got it right, 38% of consumers believed that an MNO’s ability to deliver offers they could actually make use of was having the biggest impact on their overall experience, along with good accessibility to support and advice (35%).

Despite 62% of consumers believing that MNOs consider the customer’s experience to be an important part of the service they deliver, a third (33%) believe the feedback they give to MNOs is either infrequently, or never acted upon. And 42% believe that being seen to take feedback on board would improve their experience with MNOs.

Mark Sawyer, ?VP Strategic Sales, Engage Hub commented, “There’s a greater variety of competition in the mobile sector than there’s ever been, and that means the tolerance for operators who are seen to ignore customers concerns is greatly reduced. Customers want to be addressed on a personal level, and if they don’t get that, when they’re contract expires, then so may their custom.”

Over half (57%) of consumers have seen that technology has had a positive effect on customer experience, while over a third (35%) didn’t believe it had a material impact either way. Just eight percent believed that an over-reliance on technology had made the customer experience worse, indicating that in the main, technology is being deployed effectively by MNOs to interact and engage with their subscriber base.

Sawyer added, “The research findings show that MNOs need to build deeper, more personal relationships with customers to improve the customer experience. This can be done by intelligently connecting with them in the right way, at the right time, with a service and offers that are tailored to them, based on the whole customer profile, including behavioural and location data.”

Other research findings include:
• Consumers believe that good customer service from MNOs is: helpful (79%), friendly (66%), quick to solve queries (61%), and rapid to respond to queries in the first place (60%)
• Experiences with MNOs have not significantly improved in the last year: 59% believe they are the same, while 17% believe they have gotten worse
• Half (51%) of consumers are no more or less loyal than they were a year ago, and 16% are less loyal. A third indicated they are more loyal

Notes to editors:
Engage Hub commissioned independent research to be carried out by Morar Consulting between August –September 2017, with 2,004 UK customers of mobile network operators taking part.

For a more detailed analysis of customer experience in the MNO sector, you can read the full report entitled ‘The fragile customer experience in the information age’, on the Engage Hub website. In this report, satisfaction with customer service levels is examined in three sectors – including MNOs – identifying the key opportunities for improvements to be made in a marketplace that is increasingly fragmenting.