ZTE now holds the vice chairmanship of both the RAN2 and RAN3 groups

ZTE has announced that Sergio Parolari has been elected to the position of vice chairman of the 3GPP’s RAN2 committee.

Parolari has been involved with the RAN2 committee since 2010 and has been involved in numerous LTE and New Radio initiatives, including carrier aggregation, dual connectivity, NB-IoT and 5G NR.

"Congratulations to Sergio Parolari! By means of the joint efforts of the industry, we hope that 3GPP will continue to develop high-quality global standards for 5G NR and future mobile communications.” said Wang Xinhui, ZTE vice president and director of Wireless Standardization and Industrial Relationships.

“ZTE is honoured to work with the rest of 3GPP community to contribute to the success of the wireless industry," he added.

ZTE also holds the vice chairmanship of the RAN3 committee, which is currently held by Gao Yin. In addition to holding the two vice chairmanships within the RAN2 and RAN3 group’s, ZTE is also heavily involved in driving technical standards relating to NOMA, 2-Step RACH, CoMP, ATSSS and 5G network slicing.

ZTE has established itself as one of the foremost innovators for 5G, submitting more than 1,424 5G patents to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), as of June this year.

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