Press Release

42com Telecommunication GmbH (42com), a German land line telecom operator focussed on carrier-to-carrier business, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Vodacode, LLC (Vodacode) to acquire substantially all of its assets in a cash transaction. The acquisition will take effect from the 1st of December 2021.

42com has always admired Vodacode’s business model and market reputation. After significant discussions, we identified numerous mutual benefits, synergies and shared values that would be enhanced by merging the two businesses. The asset acquisition advances 42com’s strategy to acquire and develop underutilized assets that provide material upside under current market conditions.

‘The acquisition will enhance 42Com’s origin-based routing and pricing capabilities in Europe and North America and expand its global reach, creating a strong telecom network in the US, Caribbean, Central and South America. 42Com is focused on opportunities to grow through a targeted consolidation strategy, yielding both incremental financial and operational synergies” says 42com CEO, Alberto Grunstein.

‘The combined assets will augment 42Com’s global coverage and substantially enhance the operational capabilities and product offering to our partners. The relationships and assets that Vodacode will contribute will be a game changer for 42 com’ says Thomas Whinerey, Manager at Vodacode.