Press Release

42com future-proofs its International voice operations with Linxa’s uniquely architectured solution ‘Linxa Connect Voice platform’ to have more advanced control over traffic quality, fight fraud and deliver highly customised services.

Linxa, the award-winning wholesale telecom platform leader, is proud to announce the deployment of Linxa Connect, empowering 42com, a global voice wholesale specialist, to benefit from high levels of automation, agility and efficiencies which will help them not only transform their current voice business, but also more easily connect with their future strategic partners.

Linxa Connect is a fully integrated end-to-end telecom management platform which seamlessly supports and automates voice and messaging wholesale processes, from rate management, to routing, quality and deal management, all the way to billing, dispute management, fraud detection and real-time reporting.

With the Linxa Connect platform, 42com will be able to be bring its International wholesale voice business to a new level of agility and efficiency. It will also give them the tools to more effectively manage their business, thanks to automation and real-time reporting. Looking forward, the Linxa Connect voice platform will continue to evolve, with new features and functionalities, which will give 42com the ability to be flexible and scale with ease.

‘With a track record of successful partnerships and acquisitions, 42com is an exciting and dynamic wholesaler, with ambitions to become one of the dominant carriers in international wholesale voice industry. With our Linxa Connect platform, we look forward to playing a key role in the success of 42com’s current and future growth strategy’, says Kunal Dave, VP Global Sales at Linxa.

‘We are excited to be migrating our voice traffic to such a solid platform as Linxa Connect, as it will give us access to real-time reporting, flexible functionalities, and future-proof solutions that will be able to adapt to our current and future customers’ and partners’ needs’ says Alberto Grunstein, CEO of 42com.

The Linxa Connect platform empowers the successful voice and messaging business of a growing number of Tier-1 carriers and will continue to do so by fostering solutions that give these companies what they require to remain relevant: simplicity, automation, control and agility.

About Linxa
Linxa delivers telecom software platforms designed to make it simpler and faster to grow profitability and capture new revenue in the complex telecom market. Along with high performance switching and network products, we offer tools and support to efficiently manage rating, pricing, routing, monitoring / reporting and invoicing with high levels of automation. This enables telecom providers to focus on their core business, reduce fraud and disputes, while optimizing routing and making real-time decisions based on price and quality. Linxa has offices in the UK and Turkey with local presence in USA, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Tunisia, South Africa and Australia.