Press Release

Colt Technology Services, the digital infrastructure company, has published research revealing new opportunities for partners, as IT leaders look for support and knowledge on AI and intelligent infrastructure.

The research – revealed in the latest version of Colt’s annual Digital Infrastructure report– highlights growth opportunities for partners selling technologies critical to AI adoption and digital infrastructure. Technologies rated ‘absolutely essential’ to AI rollout are named as 5G (cited by 22%), agile connectivity (20%) and edge (20%). The study also outlines opportunities for partners selling consumption-based networks, as global uncertainty drives businesses to build flex into their organisations.

Colt’s survey of 755 IT leaders across countries in Europe and Asia revealed enterprises are seeking to expand their knowledge of AI and intelligent infrastructure through a diversity of different partners. 34% are turning to SaaS providers; one in three (33%) to hardware vendors; and 32% to connectivity partners or systems integrators. 31% look to consultants for advice and 29% to CSPs.

The study reveals continued take-up of On Demand connectivity, with one in five (20%) saying it is absolutely essential to their business and 76% saying it is important to some extent1. Almost 9 in 10 (89%) survey respondents who have aspects of intelligent digital infrastructure are already using – or plan to use – On Demand connectivity2. Opportunities for partners to provide support and guidance to clients and end users on their intelligent infrastructure journeys were also uncovered, as many IT leaders surveyed admitted they’re not maximising their entire digital infrastructure estate. The highest proportion (17%) felt they were only at 70% capacity in terms of the functionality and features they’re already using.

The research also highlights pain points between IT leaders and partners with almost one in five respondents (19%) saying relationships with external partners are their biggest obstacle and more than one in four (28%) naming poor integration as a barrier to the easy management of digital infrastructure. 34% said a lack of partner APIs held them back.

“Our research provides a perfect snapshot of what’s top of mind for vendors right now and it reveals exciting growth opportunities for partners and resellers. At the same time, the IT leaders we spoke to were very open about what they’re missing,” said Ruth Welter, VP – Strategic Alliances, Colt Technology Services. She continued, “The vendor/partner relationship has been redefined over the past few years: partners are now in a unique position as advisors, consultants and even mentors with their deeper understanding of enterprise technology. Working together as part of a collaborative global partner ecosystem leaves them better connected than ever before. It’s the ideal time for partners to fill any integration gaps, to come together and to take advantage of the next digital revolution.”

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