The 5G MEC Industry Summit at the Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week focuses on industry profound insights and successful experiences on multi-access edge computing from well-known analysts, operators and industries globally. You will learn the industry trends, key technologies and business success of 5G MEC.
– 5G dedicated network deployment sees steady growth globally
– Hyper-distributed, fully-connected MEC enables new 5G businesses
– Successful 5G dedicated network practices in China can be used for global reference
Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to seeing you at the event!

Agenda: 21st July (GMT+8)

16:00-16:05: Unlock New Business Value with Ultra-Distributed, Fully Connected MEC – Leo Ma, President of Cloud Core Network Marketing Dept., Huawei

16:05-16:15: 5G and MEC to Unleash New Market Opportunities – Pablo Tomasi, Principal Analyst, Private Networks and Enterprise 5G, Omdia

16:15-16:25: PNI-NPN Fuels Dedicated Industry Network Deployment, Driving More B2B Success – Tan Feng, 5GtoB Product Director of Cloud Core Network, Huawei

16:25-16:35: China Unicom: 5G Dedicated Network Deployment Sees Steady Growth – Chen Dan, 5G Industry Director of Government and Enterprise Dept, China Unicom

16:35-16:45: Advance MEC Technology, Enable More Services with Ubiquitous Computing Power – Zhang Hao, Director of Network and IT Technology Research Dept., China Mobile Research Institute

16:45-16:55: China Telecom: 5G Fuels Industry Digitalization in the Greater Bay Area – Li Bin, Deputy Director of 5G Application Innovation Center, China Telecom Shenzhen

16:55-17:05: Guangdong Mobile: Innovative Practice of Mobile VPN – Shen Wenkai, Vice President of Planning and Construction Department, China Mobile Guangdong

17:05-17:15: Guangdong Unicom: Innovative Practice of Multi-Campus Private Network – Pan Guixin, Vice President of 5G Innovation Center, China Unicom Guangdong


 17:15-17:25: Laying a 5G MEC Infrastructure Foundation That Converges OICT to Empower Industry Digital Transformation – Tong Hailan, Senior Director of 5G B2B Business, Zhejiang Mobile


 17:25-17:35: 5G2B Business Strategy Sharing of UAE e& – Ayman Magdy Abousenna, Director of Mobile Broadband & 5G Planning, UAE e&