Total Telecom met with ZTE SVP, Zhu Yongxing at MWC19 in Barcelona and conducted a video interview, which you can watch here, as well as reading the transcript.

Total Telecom: What does ZTE think of 5G requirements for transport networks?
According to the IHS survey, 82% of operators believe that major drivers for 5G deployment are low latency, low cost per bit and large network capacity.
Besides, network slicing is also essential to 5G service reliability and security.

As 5G network construction is about to begin, commercial availability of 5G transport products is becoming particularly important.

Total Telecom: What key progress has ZTE made in the field of wireline products in the past year?
We have made a lot of progress in the past year. In 5G transport network area, we have completed more than 20 field trials and tests so far. The result of the tests in China, Spain and Italy showed outstanding performance in latency, network slicing and ultra-high accurate synchronization.

In the optical transmission network area, we increased the beyond-100G transmission distance by 30% based on ZTE patented technologies. In a Thailand upgrade project from 100G to 200G, ZTE implemented the industry first 100G/200G hybrid networking without electrical regeneration.

ZTE successfully finished the trials about single-carrier 400G over 604km in China Mobile, break the 400G ultra-long-haul high-speed transmission distance record.

In the optical access network area, ZTE’s next-generation flagship, TITAN has the highest integration level and largest capacity in the industry. TITAN has been widely deployed in China, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and other countries.

TITAN leads the industry in cross-generation integration, FMC and ICT integration. It is designed to simplify access infrastructure and optimize the end-user experience.

In the Content Delivery Network (CDN) area, ZTE continues to lead in integrated CDN technology. The worldwide user capacity of our CDN products have reached more than 100 million. MEC CDN and mesh CDN will support content network evolution and 5G service scenarios.

Total Telecom: What innovations will ZTE showcase at this MWC?
In 5G transport network area, ZTE will focus on full series of end-to-end 5G transport products covering all the scenarios and being cost effective over existing networks.

In the optical transmission network area, we will showcase how to address beyond-100G deployment challenges. ZTE’s E-OTN solution can simplify beyond-100G deployment by ZTE patented technologies.

Our IP+Optical solution will demonstrate our innovations in technology convergence, interface virtualization and SDN technologies will enable pipeline adjustment on demand, and improve the network resource utilization from around 20% to 80%.

In the optical access network, we display architectural innovations of our flagship product, TITAN. We also show how to share FTTH infrastructure to serve 5G deployment. We showcase Light Cloud solution, which uses built-in blades to introduce MEC without extra equipment space.

In the Content Delivery Network (CDN) area, we show how to simplify video service deployment at the cloud, pipe and terminal levels to shorten Time to Market (TTM). We also display how to simplify the O&M of video networks and improve the user experience.

Besides, we also worked with industry partners China Mobile, Migu and Qualcomm to showcase a new experience of 5G live video streaming.

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