The study, conducted by ACG research and Ciena, found that investment in network automation is set to grow by approximately 30 per cent between now and 2021

A new research report shows that 75 per cent of international network providers expect to see significant or full network automation within 5 years.

“We all realise that network automation is happening, but we really wanted to delve deeper into service provider and large enterprise experiences, expectations and challenges with automation. One of the key survey findings that stood out to me was the need for trained, skilled personnel in the area of programmable networks and automation. Operators expect their vendor partners to be able to help them with not only products and services but also with bridging the skills gap between telecom and IT as they execute their automation journey,” said Tim Doiron, principal analyst, Intelligent Networking, ACG Research.

The report identified faster service delivery, improved customer satisfaction and increased business agility as the key drivers for the increase in investment. As the world moves towards the roll out of 5G mobile networks in the coming years, network automations will become even more crucial.

“Automation, programmability, and intelligence have become critical keystones of future networks. With the pace of growth in capacity, devices, and mobility moving exceedingly fast, adaptive networks, which combine these attributes, will allow organisations to not only survive, but thrive in the face of increasing complexity and unpredictable growth to support the services and applications of tomorrow,” said Joe Cumello, vice president, Head of Global Marketing, Ciena.