Orange Business Services will provide crucial connectivity to a fleet of Arctic shipping vessels

Orange Business Services has signed a key contract with the Arctic Shipping Company (ASC), to provide a range of offshore connectivity solutions for its fleet of shipping vessels in the Arctic Circle. 

ASC will make use of Orange Business Services’ Maritime Connect service, which combines satellite and terrestrial network technologies to provide ubiquitous connectivity for ships, wherever they may be.

ASC’s fleet of ships operate in the treacherous Arctic Circle, traversing routes between Norway, Siberia and Alaska. The demanding conditions make strong and reliable connectivity imperative to the safety of the expedition.

“The Northern Sea Route allows companies to save time and money by providing a shorter connection between Asia and Europe. However, the route is also known as risky and not an easy one. Seamless network connectivity is critical to safety and saves not only time and financial resources, but also the crew’s welfare. We are pleased to cooperate with Arctic Shipping Company and are proud that the Orange Maritime VSAT solution is effective in meeting the needs of the maritime industry,” said Richard van Wageningen, senior vice president IMEAR at Orange Business Services.

The deal will help ASC cut costs and streamline its operations in the Arctic Circle, while improving the company’s safety credentials.  

“For commercial shipping, speed of deployment is very important, in addition to the reliability of the partner and the quality of services provided. The seasonal window where we are able to use the Northern Sea Route is very limited, so the installation should be carried out quickly and without hitches. With installation completed in just two days, our partners were able to carry out the work during a short stay in port,” said Mikhail Artyukhov, CEO, Arctic Shipping Company.