Press Release

With the help of specially developed conversion tools, Celect Communications was able to quickly convert their eight thousand video customers to the Innovative Systems IPTV MIddleware solution. According to Celects General Manager Mike DeMarce, "Innovatives experience in conversions from multiple IPTV middleware vendors gave us the confidence we needed to change middleware on nearly thirteen thousand set top boxes during a brief window this past summer." Jerry Weber Innovative Systems Video VP added, “Many of the tools were specifically developed to assist Celect and now benefit our new clients converting to our IPTV video system.”
Demo and References Turned the Tide

After seeing a demonstration of the customer facing features and the integrated back office management tools, DeMarce said they were convinced that the Innovative Systems solution would greatly improve the experience for video customers in their six West Central Wisconsin locations. DeMarce didn’t need to look far for references as many providers in Wisconsin have already converted to Innovative.

Big Investment in Linear Video Made Sense

DeMarce is thoroughly convinced that the OTT solutions out there are more of a complement than a complete solution for the rural video consumer. DeMarce was convinced that beefing up their linear offering is the right thing to do saying that older consumers are comfortable with the linear experience.

About Celect Communications
A regional provider of IPTV video services, Celect Communications serves six different communications companies who have over 8000 subscribers in West Central Wisconsin. For more information visit their website: