Total Telecom was proud to partner with LeoSat Enterprises at the Total Telecom Congress 2018. The company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ronald van der Breggen presented at an engaging and thought-provoking panel on ‘Transforming networks: Changing architectures for the digital telco’ with key insights from executives from Vodafone, STC and SSE Enterprise Telecoms. 

During the conference, Total Telecom caught up with Ronald to understand how LeoSat is taking a very terrestrial approach in combining the advantages of fibre and proven satellite technology. LeoSat is set to launch a constellation of up to 108 interconnected low-earth orbit (LEO) communications satellites that will provide an extremely high-speed, low-latency and highly secure data network for telco operators and communication service providers. 
Click below to hear from Ronald and to find out how you can deliver ubiquitous connectivity to your future networks.


About LeoSat Enterprises
LeoSat Enterprises was established to leverage the latest advancement in satellite communications technologies to develop and launch a new low-earth-orbit satellite constellation which will provide the first commercially available, business grade, extremely high-speed and secure data service worldwide. The high-throughput satellites (HTS) will be interconnected through laser links, effectively creating an optical backbone in space which is about 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber backbones.  The constellation will provide an extremely fast, highly secure and low latency communications infrastructure for international business markets.  Start of the launch of the constellation is expected in 2019. To learn more  CLICK HERE